Activate, Engage, and Retain Your Volunteers. Change The World.

Mission Statement

We utilize technology to help socially conscious organizations and movements engage as efficiently and effectively as possible with current and potential volunteers. Volunteer engagement is critical to creating grassroots change. Putting a spotlight on and improving volunteer engagement is OneFiftyOne's contribution to socially conscious organizations and movements around the world.

Volunteer Engagement Leading Principles

(1) Volunteers will enage more when when asked directly.
(2) Volunteers will engage more when they feel connected to the organization's community.
(3) Volunteers will bring their friends and family into the organization if they get satisfaction out of the community/activism            
(4) Volunteers are absolutely critical to the success of a grass-roots movement.

How OneFiftyOne Enables Movements To Follow These Principles

To ensure that volunteers are asked directly more often, OneFiftyOne enables organizations to easily and automatcally delegate tasks to thousands of volunteers at once. Instead of asking in a chat group with many volunteers, OneFiftyOne will send message directly to each individual volunteer based on what kind of volunteer the organization is looking for.

To create a community feeling, OneFiftyOne supplies community chat channels to ensure that community "warmth" and comradery won't only be from the top down, but also between volunteers. Additionally, private chat channels are automatically created for groups of volunteers that are working on a specific task together.


"Without OneFiftyOne, our volunteers would have wasted a ton of time calling people who had already voted. OneFiftyOne definitely made the campaign much more efficient when we needed it most, and I hope to keep using OneFiftyOne on future campaigns."
- Einat Ovadia, Campaign Manager, Member of Knesset Michal Rozin 2019

"Once getting started with OneFiftyOne it was night and day. The ease at which I was able to look at and analyze all of my volunteers and constituents was astounding. I absolutely love OneFiftyOne, and it’s quickly become a tool I can’t manage volunteers without!"
- Lev Yam, Volunteer Manager, parliamentary office of MK Tamar Zandberg

Automated Matching

Automatically match people in need with a volunteer who wants to help

General Task Delegation

Easily relay tasks to relevant and available volunteers

Dynamic Phone Banking

Connect volunteers with potential supporters

Automated Matching

Enable your constituents to get connected with a volunteer specifically for what they need. Someone needs a ride to the poll? Or a warm meal? They (or a phone banker) can fill out a form, and without your or your organization's intervention, OneFiftyOne will invite volunteers to help.

General Task Delegation

Quickly delegate a task to a specific subset of volunteers. Each task has a task-lead and a group chat for all the volunteers who signed up. Tasks are extremely flexible, and the built-in group chat enables cross-volunteer communication.

Dynamic Phone Banking

Easily create phone banks to connect a specific subset volunteers with another subset of potential supporters. These lists will change on the fly as more data gets inputted into OneFiftyOne ensuring the volunteer's time is best utilized.

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